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Redragon is a high-valued, highly reviewed, well-beloved and visually stunning brand for gaming accessories. But the thing people remember the most about us? Our beautifully lit, colorful keyboards, mouses and other products. That’s right…we’re not just a functional brand, we're a sexy brand.

Redragon’s goal is to make sure our products provide comfort, ease of use and are durable yet flexible. These qualities are of the utmost importance when creating our accessories and our customers agree. That’s why they stick around!

We’re leading the gaming peripheral industry by continuously providing our customers with high-performance gaming products. Redragon is constantly innovating with first-class industrial design, an excellent quality control team and customer service squad that keeps us above the rest. Redragon’s community has expanded across 30 countries and continues to grow every day.

While other brands are trying to catch up, Redragon’s already ten steps ahead.

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Pri današnjih računalniških sistemih sta med najpomembnejšimi dejavniki zagotovo temperatura in glasnost. Najbolj ključna komponenta za doseganje nizkih temperatur pri tihem delovanju je hladilnik procesorja.


  • 2xo6mm bakrene toplotne cevi
  • 120mm PWM VotexPro LED ventilator
  • Združljiv z vtičnico AMD AM4 / Intel LGA 115X
  • Skupna dimenzija: 124,5x84x154mm
  • Dimenzija ventilatorja: o120x25mm
  • Vrsta ležaja: hidro ležaj
  • Delovna napetost: 8-13,2VDC
  • Nazivni tok: 0,09-0,25A
  • Hitrost ventilatorja: 1000-1800RPM
  • Aluminijasta rebra pa zagotavljajo optimalno razporeditev toplote.