Shipping & returns

Delivery via courier services

Delivery of goods is possible via several courier services including DHL, DPD, TNT, UPS, GLS. We can either quote you using our own account or we can ship the goods using the customer's account provided the details are known to us before shipping.

Colby d.o.o. is not responsible for any delays by the supplier (package distribution).


Delivery time

Most of the products that are published in the B2B online store and are in stock, will be shipped to you no later than 24 hours after receiving the order or. payment. Delivery times given do not include Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, unless otherwise agreed in writing. It may happen that we will never have the entire quantity of ordered products in stock. In this case, the administrator will notify the client by phone or e-mail.


Colby d.o.o. reserves the right to extend the delivery time in case of force majeure, which includes fire, earthquake, flood, war, strikes, storms, traffic jams, government measures or other unforeseen events that may significantly impede or prevent the delivery of the ordered goods. Colby d.o.o. is obliged to immediately inform the client about the occurrence or cessation of force majeure.


Transport damages

The customer is obliged to inspect the contents of the shipment upon receipt. By signing the delivery note and or the delivery form by the courier service, the customer confirms the quantity and type of goods received. Subsequent complaints regarding the quantity and type of goods are not considered. In case of damage to the shipment, the customer is obliged to complain about the entire shipment (package, protective packaging, products) to the delivery person, who is obliged to resolve the complaint at his own expense, if he is proven responsible. Colby d.o.o. is also notified of damage to the shipment.


Return of goods

Return of originally packaged, undamaged goods is possible within 8 days, by prior arrangement with the seller and according to the valid price list on the day of return.

General info on goods

All products marketed by Colby d.o.o. have a guarantee from the importer or manufacturer and guaranteed servicing and spare parts in Slovenia. Purchased goods are subject to the general warranty conditions and provisions in the annex to individual goods. The delivery note / invoice is considered a warranty card if the warranty card is not included with the delivery. Colby d.o.o. ensures that the devices do not have any design, manufacturing, material or functional defects at the time of shipment.


The warranty period begins on the day of purchase or when you deliver the goods to the end customer. The warranty for technical products is at least 12 months. The manufacturer offers a longer warranty period for certain technical products than the minimum, which is evident from the enclosed warranty card. For technical products for which the warranty period is not evident from the warranty card, delivery note or invoice, the warranty period is considered to be 12 months.