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Enhance your gaming experience with our versatile controller designed to seamlessly integrate with Android, iOS and PC platforms.

Unlock new gaming dimensions - Our controller is your ticket to the world of gaming, working with Android, iOS and PC devices, allowing you to explore limitless gaming possibilities.

Enjoy responsive, lag-free gaming - With a low-latency Bluetooth connection, you'll be able to enjoy the game as it was conceived, delivering a highly responsive gaming experience.

Endless entertainment without interruptions - With a robust 300 mAh battery, you'll be able to play for hours without having to stop for a dead battery.

Always ready for action - For your convenience, we've included a 2 metre Type-C charging cable to ensure your controller is always charged and ready for action.

A gamer's best friend - Our controller is designed with the gamer in mind, with compatibility, performance and comfort at the forefront, plus it's portable to make your gaming experience even better.

Take control of your gaming experience with a controller that combines compatibility, performance and comfort. Play on and conquer new horizons!


  • Android | iOS | PC compatible
  • Bluetooth connection with low latency
  • Not applicable for phones with foldable screen
  • Long hours of gameplay
  • 300 mAh battery capacity
  • 2-meter Type-C charging cable
  • Portable and with a comfortable grip