FUNKO POP ANIMATION My Hero Academia – Re-Destro

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Already familiar with the Funko POP! figures that are winning hearts around the world? If they haven't won your heart yet, get ready to be wowed. These fun, nostalgic and currently the most popular collectible figures will take you into the world of your favourite fantasy, film, sports and other heroes you love. Your idol has never been so accessible and within reach (literally) :)

From the unforgettable Tom & Jerry cartoons, Disney fairy tales, to the most iconic Harry Potter film series, Marvel heroes like the legendary Spider-Man, one of the most famous Friends series, to sports stars, video games and musicians. Funko POP! Figures will brighten up both home and office, and will bring joy to young ones when playing with them. As well as winning the hearts of collectors, they are also great as creative and original gifts.

Funko figures are famous for their large heads and small bodies. They are adorned with carefully selected paintings that clearly express the main characteristics of the chosen character. They are made of soft vinyl material. They are hollow inside and the surface is smooth and without edges. The vinyl is child-friendly and free from harmful admixtures.

Go on a 'Funko Pop' collectible figure hunt and present your new collection of favourite Funko Pops in the form of a cute Funko Pop window display. Join the world's countless 'pro' collectors who take their Funko Pop collections very seriously. They enthusiastically add them to their collection and tick-tock, vlog, blog and compete to catch limited edition Funko Pop figures. Join them, maybe you'll find yourself in this role :)

Child Friendly

Child-friendly material and free from harmful admixtures.

Unique Funko design

A small toy with a big heart. Pardon, a big head. Unique paintings for each character with exceptional detail.

Suitable for all age groups

Great characters evoke fond memories from childhood, adolescence and young adulthood. Suitable for the young and the young at heart.

The perfect decoration element

The range of figures is really wide, so you'll have no problem finding your favourite characters to brighten up your office, bedroom, living room, children's room or any other room you love.

A creative gift

Is there anything more original than giving your loved one a favourite character wrapped in a gift box, waiting to brighten up their home and bring big smiles to their face? We thought not :)