Mr. Run & Jump + Kombinera Adrenaline (Playstation 5)

Manufacturer: Numskull Games
SKU: 5060997482895
Availability: Friday, March 1, 2024
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Two retro puzzle-platformers from Atari in one Adrenaline Pack! Includes the first of a series of custom Atari brand stickers and game postcard.

Mr Run & Jump
In this electric 2D platformer, help Mr. Run and Jump defeat the terrifying Void by collecting all of the Power Gems from the Realms of Colour! Joined by his trusty pal Leap the Dog, the duo must venture through a dazzling and dangerous world, dodging countless enemies and conquering hundreds of fierce platforming challenges to save the day!

Part platformer, part brain-teaser - Kombinera tasks players with controlling multiple spheres and navigating them through increasingly complex labyrinths of platforms and passages in an effort to escape - but there's a catch! Each command affects every one of your coloured spheres. Each of the over 300 levels requires smart use of the environment to successfully defeat the deadly traps that await you.

• 2 Characterful games with beautifully illustrated visual aesthetics bursting with vibrant and approachable graphics.
• A wide variety of puzzles and platforming adventures.
• Challenging levels, collectibles and additional game modes.