Astronite (Nintendo Switch)

Manufacturer: Funstock
SKU: 5056607400090
Availability: Friday, October 21, 2022
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Astronite is a Metroidvania that combines action, exploration, puzzles, and platforms.

Take control of the brave explorer Astronite and explore a huge map with different zones full of hidden secrets, enemies, and big bosses. Recover the planet and restore it back to civilization before it was invaded by strange creatures! Explore an uncharted planet with the help of your skills...


  • Explore an uncharted planet with the help of you skills
  • Shoot, jump, use the dash or fly to overcome all the challenges and advance to the planet's core
  • Improve your skills with permanent powerups spread throughout the planet
  • Explore all the corners to find hidden paths or items that will help you in your adventure
  • Find the Echo gates and overcome its challenge inspired by great cideo game classics
  • Meet intriguing characters that can help you in your adventure or make things complicated
  • Solve the puzzles scattered around the planet to get prizes, items or improvements that will allow you to continue your journey
  • Buy items in the shop with the shpirti (spirits of dead enemies) you get by killing enemies or finding hidden chests
  • A captivating and atmospheric soundtrack by Zeewave Sound