Boardwalk Arcade 2 (SWITCH)

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Availability: Friday, June 14, 2024
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Boardwalk Arcade 2 is a sequel to the successful Party Arcade game. Boardwalk Arcade 2 offers a brand-new location on the boardwalk featuring exciting and classic mini games. 

Boardwalk Arcade 2 features a collection of games that will be instantly familiar to anyone who’s been to a carnival or boardwalk. The more you play the more tickets you earn towards cosmetic upgrades, figurines, and collectibles!

  • Up to 4-player multiplayer couch co-op action!
  • The following games are included
    • Basketball Throw (Hoop shot)
    • Mini-Bowling
    • Skee Ball/Skillball 
    • Shooting Gallery
    • Whack-a-Mole 
    • Mascot launch 
    • Claw Machine 
    • Pinball 
    • Darts - Balloon Pop 
    • Ring Toss