Willy Jetman: Astro Monkeys Revenge (Nintendo Switch)

Manufacturer: Funstock
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Availability: Friday, September 30, 2022
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Willy Jetman: Astromonkey's Revenge  is an arcade shooter jam-packed with exploration, RPG elements, lots of humor and awesome bosses. Inspired by console classics from the 90s.

Action, shooting, platforming and a colorful pixel art style that you will love! Explore, fight, gain experience, buy weapons in an exciting adventure in the Metroidvania tradition.

A mysterious accident causes an ecological disaster on a distant planet. But don't worry, here comes Willy, a friendly street sweeper who finds himself embroiled in the greatest space adventure ever told. Take control of Willy, because if it were up to that fat lazy... the galaxy would explode tomorrow.

In the orbit of the planet Gravos there was a terrible accident that caused an ecological disaster, filling the planet with space junk. Willy is a sweeper whose mission will be to collect trash and bring it to recycling centers while facing countless enemies, but he will soon discover that his destiny has more surprises in store for him than he could have imagined. .

Live this exciting adventure that will transport you to a distant world. Explore, fight, gain experience, buy weapons... don't let your guard down for a second and save your friends to become the greatest intergalactic hero of all time... or not.

Features :

  • Explore Gravos, a dangerous planet full of secret caves and aggressive wildlife.
  • Space Recycling: Earn money by collecting the fragments of the AC-137 cargo ship.
  • Armed and ready for action: Choose your favorite weapon from a huge arsenal including machine gun, flamethrower, ray gun and grenades.
  • Talk to tavern dwellers for clues and visit the PeachStore to unlock exclusive perks in exchange for gold trophies.
  • Shooting action, exploration, RPG elements, lots of humor and awesome bosses.
  • Relive the spirit of 2D classics, from Solar Jetman to Cave Story.