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  • Available in two collectible shell styles: “Magical Creatures” and “Hogwarts Castle”
  • Choose between two different play modes: Harry Potter mode (Spend 3 hours at the Hogwarts Castle) and Fantastic Beasts mode (Spend 3 hours nurturing a creature in a magical suitcase)
  • Raise one of 25 different kinds of magical creatures from Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts depending on your play pattern. Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Newt Scamander, and more characters may appear!
  • There are 4 different mini-games to play: “Catch Gold,” “Deliver of Letter,” “Fly Hippogriff,” and “Picking a Lock”
  • Battery included (2 x LR44)
  •  Age: 8+

Rediscover the magic of the 90s with original Tamagotchi virtual pet! This iconic electronic device brings back cherished memories of nurturing and bonding with your virtual companion. With its classic pixel graphics and nostalgic beeps, the Tamagotchi offers hours of fun and responsibility, teaching valuable lessons in care and friendship. Whether you're a seasoned Tamagotchi veteran or new to the experience, this pocket-sized pet promises endless entertainment and heartwarming moments. Embrace the nostalgia and create new memories with your Tamagotchi today!

Interact with the magical creatures from the Wizarding World like never before with the Harry Potter Tamagotchi Nano! It’s up to you to nurture these magical creatures by feeding them, petting them, and playing four different mini-games. Make sure not to neglect your creature or they’ll run away. Fans can care for their magical creature at the Hogwarts Castle in Harry Potter mode, or may take care of their creature in a magical suitcase with Fantastic Beasts mode. Your play pattern will determine which of the 25 kinds of magical creatures you’ll interact with.

WARNING: contains button or coin cell battery. Hazardous if swallowed. See instructions