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ESWAP X2 represents the new generation of the ESWAP X PRO CONTROLLER, maintaining all the features that gamers have come to appreciate over the years. Hot-Swap technology allows for unlimited replacement of the S5 NXG mini-sticks, recognized for their exceptional precision in the world of esports. This new version improves the lifespan of the mini-sticks, providing players with an extended gaming experience.

Featuring mechanical buttons, ESWAP X2 improves responsiveness with activation travel of just 0.01" / 0.3 mm. In collaboration with professional players of fighting games, the D-pad's ergonomic design has been completely reworked to simplify and speed up activations.

ESWAP X2 includes a USB-C cable for optimal connectivity, minimizing latency during gaming sessions and ensuring maximum responsiveness between pressing a button and the action in the game.


Unleash your full potential and reach new heights with the new ESWAP X2 gamepad. Explore the new generation of the ESWAP X PRO CONTROLLER — an evolution three years after the launch of the iconic first version, which captured the hearts of gamers looking for exceptional performance.

Key points:

MODULAR GAMEPAD: Featuring T-MOD technology, ESWAP X2 lets users change and replace its modules without any tools, for virtually unlimited replacement possibilities

NEXT-LEVEL RESPONSIVENESS: Mechanical buttons 64% faster than standard membrane-based buttons, with an activation distance reduced to 0.01" / 0.3 mm

MASTER YOUR DIAGONALS: The mechanical D-pad has been developed in close collaboration with fighting game experts for optimized comfort, responsiveness and control

IMPROVE YOUR AIM: ESWAP X2 features two S5 NXG mini-stick modules, whose surgical precision is endorsed by renowned professional gamers

INCREASE YOUR ARSENAL: 4 additional buttons on the back of ESWAP X2 can be remapped directly via the gamepad itself, or using the THRUSTMAPPERX software

OPTIMAL CONNECTION: The connection via 9.8-foot / 3-meter USB-C cable ensures minimal latency and fast, stable data transmission

OFFICIAL GAMEPAD: Official gamepad compatible with Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Windows