Gigantosaurus: Dino Sports (XBOX)

Manufacturer: Outright Games
SKU: 5061005353855
Availability: Friday, June 28, 2024
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On your marks for The Giganto Games, a roar-some sports party for one to four dinos!  Play as Mazu, Rocky, Bill and Tiny and compete in eight chomp-sized games. In Gigantosaurus: Dino Sports, you’ll fly across deserts, race across glaciers, blast targets with berrys and more. But look out – Giganto himself might just stomp into the action!

With lots of game modes you can create your own tournaments, take on AI opponents, or get the gang together for a split-screen party. Can you earn the most medals and win the Super Giganto Pineapple? You’ll have dino-mite fun finding out!